History of the Church.

Milngavie - Town and Church

In 1966, Rev. John T. Peat, then minister of St. Paul's, wrote a short account of the history of both the town and the church. Alternate short chapters in the slim volume dealt with town and church. To enable one to 'dip into' the volume (out of print), each individual chapter is available by clicking on the appropriate title.

In 1991, an updated history, written by Mr. Wm. N. Gilchrist, was published. These additional pages appear also (as 'The Future'!).

Our recent history is included in our 9th and 10th Decade 'Heritage Pages' (see below).

Before 1840 The Place The Church

1840 - 1906 The Place The Church

1906 - 1966 The Place The Church

1966 - 1991 The Future (in 1966)

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