Wednesday Lunch Club.

We have a faithful band of regulars who all enjoy lunch a chat and, if wished, the short service held at 1.15pm. Others enjoy lunch occasionally and everyone is always welcome.

There are many people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure there's always a welcome and plenty of food. These include an army of bakers who provide such delicious scones, fruit loaves and cakes that we all enjoy.

If you were able to bake occasionally please see Ann MacLeod who will be happy to include you in the rota. We have a grand team of ladies who prepare and serve the lunch and do so with such cheerful, willing, fun.

What would we do without the strong men who haply put up and down tables and arrange furniture, they even occasionally help to serve when we are short of ladies? We suspect that there is a lot of football chatter goes on as well!

Finally we should thank our ministers and elders who faithfully prepare and take the service each week.

If you would like to help, even if just occasionally, we are always glad of assistance or baking from some of our talented cooks. Please see Ann MacLeod either at church or phone 942 8339.